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Thai Massage Apprentice

Deepen your skills in a private setting where you get the most attention and we work towards you realizing your fullest potential as a Thai Massage practitioner.
Thai Massage Apprentice

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Choose Your Own Pace
Online and In-Person

About The Event

One-on-one apprenticing is the age-old, time-tested method for rapidly developing yourself in your passions. Thai Massage is no different, and is the traditional way a practitioner would become a respected "Maw Nuat" Massage Therapist. Like with anything worthwhile, it takes time and dedication. I'm really interested in working with people who are able to listen, do the work, and engage with questions. The information should be taken to heart, practiced, contemplated, and then the exchange really starts. There is "a method to the madness", and I'm happy to share it with you!

Contact me to arrange a consultation and how we can proceed together.

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