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Hands-free Thai Massage

About the Course

Thai Yoga Massage (TYM) is an ancient healing art that combines the alignment of the breath, yoga asana, and mindfulness meditation of Metta (loving compassion) into a flowing dance of continuous rhythmic motion to deliver a soothing and revitalizing experience. TYM is based on an understanding of the energy lines and acupressure points present in each person. By working along these lines and points, the modality balances the energetic body of the recipient and frees & removes any blockages that may present in physical, mental, or emotional dis-ease.

Hands Free will cover how to utilize the feet, knees, elbows, and full body weight to find ease and longevity in the giver's practice. Content will include introduction to sen lines, breath work, meditation, proper body mechanics, and self-care practice. Ideal for bodyworkers, massage therapists, yoga teachers, AcroYogis, and anyone with a pre-existing Thai Massage practice. Previous experience required to join. Jennifer does accept practitioners from other lineages for this training.

Your Instructor

Jennifer Yarro

Jennifer Yarro

This extensive training will be skillfully led by Jennifer Yarro. She is the the Founder of the Triple Gem School of Thai Massage, is highly trained in Thai Massage, having traveled to Thailand many times over the years to study directly with Thai masters. Jennifer has been a practitioner of the art for 20 years as well as teaching nationally & internationally for the past 15 years. Although she is sought out for the lineage she carries, Jennifer is very humble in her offerings. She is passionate about the integrity of the practice, and meticulously imparts her knowledge of authentic Traditional Thai Massage to her students, always with a 'warm smile and a happy heart!