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30hr Hands-on Assisting Asana Training

About the Course

Learn and finesse the art of yoga posture adjustments that are safe, effective, practical, and joyful for both the teacher (the giver) and the student (the receiver). Adjustments given during yoga practice help to release deep structural tension and open energetic pathways, helping facilitate more depth, awareness, breath and connection in ones practice.

Have you hesitated in giving hands-on assists since your initial training? Or, perhaps you haven’t received any training in assisting asana (…gasp!) Or, are you already offering assists but ready to take it to the next level? No worries, we got you covered in this immersion!

We will review basic foundations for assisting including proper body mechanics, basic anatomy for palpation, body reading skills, and mindfulness practices. We will cover a variety of yoga postures for forward bends, back bends, twists, standing poses, and reclining poses. And if there is interest, we will cover how to assist inversions! We will learn basic to more advanced assists. And, perfect the use of assisting through supportive, expertly guided training of how to use our own personal body, range of motion, physical strengths and weakness to feel empowered to offer assists to a diverse population of students.

Aside from analyzing many poses we will also have daily asana & meditation practices to hone your personal skills in relation to working with others.

You will receive a manual for the training. A certificate will be awarded upon completion.

Your Instructor

Jennifer Yarro

Jennifer Yarro

Jennifer has been a dedicated practitioner of yoga & bodywork for over 20 years and has been teaching yoga for over 15, both within the U.S. and internationally. With her extensive experience and depth of knowledge, Jennifer has become a well-known, highly respected, and sought out teacher. She is very passionate about the integrity of one's practice and strives to meticulously and authentically impart her knowledge to her students.

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