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TYM Online Mini Refreshers

About the Course

Upcoming Online Meet-ups!

Level 1 Refresher, July 24th, 9-10:30am EST

Level 2 Refresher, August 21st, 9-10:30am EST

About the Refresher

Join Jennifer and fellow graduates online to review the various levels of the Thai Massage Trainings! We will review each level, covering techniques and transitions. There will ample time to ask questions, request demos, and hash out better options for your specific body mechanics in this short but potent time. Don't miss this opportunity to connect with Jennifer and other colleagues who also love Thai Massage to reignite your passion and skills!

Each meet-up will be scheduled on Zoom. The cost is only $20 per session.

*Please note that these sessions are reserved only for Jennifer's past students who have graduated each Training level. Respectively any graduate from the Level 1 training can attend the Level 1 Refresher. Only those who have graduated from the Level 2 can attend the Level 2 refresher. If you are not a graduate, please see the calendar for training options or contact Jennifer if interested in private lessons.

Your Instructor

Jennifer Yarro

Jennifer Yarro

Jennifer is the Founder of the Triple Gem School of Thai Massage, is highly trained in Thai Massage, having traveled to Thailand many times over the years to study directly with Thai masters. Jennifer has been a practitioner of the art for 20 years as well as teaching nationally & internationally for the past 15 years. Although she is sought out for the lineage she carries, Jennifer is very humble in her offerings. She is passionate about the integrity of the practice, and meticulously imparts her knowledge of authentic Traditional Thai Massage to her students, always with a 'warm smile and a happy heart!